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The Preserve at Sugar Lake

Completion Date : April 2016

Development of a scenic upscale rural neighborhood in Annandale, Minnesota. Featuring 10 large single family lots set on the shores of Sugar Lake. 38 acres of common green open space was developed for the residents to enjoy the wild-life and country living. 13 gorgeous rural 2+ Acre country lots and seven wooded 2+ acre country lots. The 150 acres before development consisted of Warner’s Resort Campground and an old farmstead. The property needed to be rezoned before any type of development could occur. Rachel’s Development team took a unique and creative approach to design and utilize the land in a way that preserves the natural features of the land while providing the opportunity for rural living on smaller lots. Rachel took advantage of the PUD standards by clustering the lots to provide more open space area to be enjoyed by all of the residents providing scenic views and areas for walking trails.

Preserve at Sugar Lake

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